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"Andrew Ratshin is everything one could want from a CD broker and more. He tirelessly searches the nation for the best manufacturing deals for the benefit of his customers. And you won't find a more efficient graphic artist should you need design work. I've used NWDiscs.com exclusively for more than a decade and Andrew's service has been impeccable. Andrew always goes to bat for you. NWDiscs.com is definitely the most personable and responsive company for all your CD needs." - David Michael, Purnima Productions

Singer/songwriters, jazz artists, rock groups, project studio projects, demos, commercial releases, new age music, children's music, classical, folk, and everything in between. We care about every project that comes through and it's our service, along with quality and pricing, that keeps our clients coming back again and again. Here are just a few of our customers!

We're in the process of updating this page so that there will be links to all of these great artists! If you see your name and link is incorrect, let us know right away!

The Billys
Eliot Bronson
Brother Sun
Janis Carper
Cascade Symphony
Christopher of the Wolves
Michael Cochram
Rebecca Cohen
Ruth Collingridge
Dan Connolly
Ron Dalton
Geísa Dutra
Electric Bonsai Band
Joe Euro
Jim Evans
Reggie Garrett
Gary Gibson
Hilary Field
Folk Era Records
Tom Hodge
Gregory Isaacs
Jen and Kristen
Joe Jencks
Sean Jenkins
Geoffrey Castle
Wayne Johnson

Marnie Jones
Just One Angel
Scott Katz
Dan Keusal
Josh Lamkin
David LaMotte
Robyn Landis
Christine Lavin
Bil Lepp
Rob Lopresti
Mel Cooleys
Bill Melanson
David Michael
Richard Middleton
Miles and Karina
Jo Miller and Her Burly Roughnecks
Steffon Moody
Heidi Muller
Larry Murante

Patrice O'Neill
Pearl Django
Thais Perkins
Pictorial Histories
Bill Radke

Ranch Hand Records
Laurie Riley
Cher Ross
David Roth
Linda Severt and Kathleen Tracy
Seattle Performing Songwriters
Eve Silber
Spirit Song Records
Grant Stott and Garey Shelton
Nancy Strand
Taige' & Justin
Harper Tasche
Taylor Jay
29 Toes
Tumbleweek Music Festival
Uncle Bonsai
Victory Music
Gabriel Walsh
Lisa Welch
Yellow Tail Records

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