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Some general information about our products and pricing:

  1. Can you do reprints at these prices?
  2. Can you run less than 1000 CDs?
  3. Can you run CD Business Cards?
  4. Do you broker other formats?
  5. How long does it take to get CDs?
  6. What about quantity discounts?
  7. What about short-run CDRs?

Printing and Films:

  1. Do you offer different printing services?
  2. How long does it take to get the print?
  3. What kind of proofs do you recommend?
  4. What if I want a larger CD Folder or a stapled CD Booklet?


  1. How accurate are the prices on this web site?
  2. What do you charge for Design and/or Layout?
  3. What other expenses can I expect?


  1. Shipping
  2. What do I supply, what does NWDiscs supply?
  3. Will I receive my CDs on time?


  1. Do you require a deposit?
  2. Do you take credit cards?
  3. When is payment due?


  1. How do I contact you?
  2. What's the status of my order?

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Can you do reprints at these prices?
Yes! If you have an existing title, we might be able to save you significant money by transferring the project to one of our manufacturers
Can you run less than 1000 CDs?
We have discount pricing on everything from 100 to 100,000 units and can broker any quantity you want. Generally, 1000 units is where the greatest price break happens and it's usually worth the extra money to start there. (In some cases, 1000 discs can cost almost the same as 500.)
Can you run CD Business Cards?
Yes. Contact us about ANY shapes for your CDs.
Do you broker other formats?
You still want cassettes? How 'bout 8 Tracks? We can get you pricing on any format, from LP to Business Card CD, from the new "Flex-Discs" to fully replicated USB Drives.
How long does it take to get my discs?
That depends somewhat on how fast you need them, how many you've ordered, and where you're located. In general, you want to give the plant a minimum of 10 Business Days to finish everything up! After that, shipping time depends on where the discs are going. We have different plants around the country so that shipping costs, and turnaround, remain reasonable. Also, we never mark up shipping . . . what we're charged, you're charged.
All of our plants offer rush services as well; if you REALLY need something fast, it'll cost you a bit more but we can usually do it!
What about quantity discounts?
Of course! Order 2500 CDs and it goes down a few cents per CD; order 5000 CDs and it goes down even more.
What about short-run CDRs?
We can now do short-runs of 100 discs or more. 100-300 discs will be CDRs but we also have a plant that will do actual CD Replication starting at 301 units. As with print and packages, the per-unit costs are much higher but if you only need a few we can do it

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Printing and Films:
Do you offer different printing services?
Our printers can handle anything you need. We can do die-cut boxes, posters, DVD Covers (which make great promotional folders, by the way), CD Sleeves, CD Mailers, Poster Folders, Foam CD Packaging, Business Card CD Holders, Sofware Boxes, Clamshell Inserts, and any size CD or Cassette Cover.
How long does it take to get the print?
Print usually takes 5-7 days from proof approval . . . we usually see proofs within 48 hours of getting your files.
What kind of proofs do you offer?
The industry standard is now PDF Proofs and that's what we offer. Depending on the print job, we can also offer digital proofs that are usually 95% accurate, so that you can get an idea of what something might look like, and some of our printers will still offer "match proofs," for a fee. Since most print jobs are "ganged" with other print jobs, on large presses, most printers now offer what's called "best color" guarantees.
What if I want a larger CD Folder or a stapled CD Booklet?
We can print CD Folders from 2 to 12panels and stapled CD Booklets up to 28 pages.

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How come you don't have exact prices on your site?
Well, there's really no such thing. If you let us know what you're looking for, we'll tell you what we think it'll cost you. Obviously, if you want a 2-CD DigiPak with a 24 page booklet, that's going to cost more than a CD in a sleeve. It all depends on your format and we'll work to get you the best deal out there. That said, we'll also offer you some alternatives if we think we can save you significant money.
What do you charge for Design and/or Layout?
We're not trying to be coy but each project is very different. Sometimes there's extensive photo retouching to do and that takes a lot of time; sometimes someone just wants us to make sure the film layout is correct. Contact us and let us take a look at the project...we'll try to work within your budget.
What other expenses can I expect?
Again, that depends somewhat on your immediate needs. If you're trying to rush a project through, you might have to "overnight" print or CDs. That can add significant cost to your project. All of our manufacturers will turn your job around faster, for a fee, and shipping costs depend on where the discs are heading. Lastly, when we price your project, we'll give you a per-unit price because most manufacturers will run anywhere from 5%-10% overs; you only are charged for the number actually shipped.

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Quite often we can help to save you money, and perhaps move your project a bit faster, if you handle some of the smaller details like mailing the master to the manufacturer or uploading files to the printer. For that reason, we have not included shipping or postage in our web-site estimates. However, when the time comes to send out your project, you are billed for actual shipping only; we do not mark up these charges.
What do I supply, what does NWDiscs supply?
Each project is different. You might want us to take your concept and deliver a finished product, or you might have finished print and a master and just want us to broker the CDs. We can do a little; we can do a lot...it's up to you.
Will I receive my CDs on time?
That depends on what you consider "on time." There are certain realities; print usually takes 5 business days, getting the cd manufacturing parts usually takes 5 business days -- these can be the same days, by the way --finishing and packaging takes time, shipping finished print takes time, shipping finished CDs takes time. If you're starting from scratch and want finished CDs in two weeks, that can be done but might cost you a little more in rush fees and faster shipping. Be assured, however, that we won't lie to you just to get your business. We will look at your project and give you a realistic idea of when it will be finished.

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Do you require a deposit?
Once we begin working on your project, we will require some sort of deposit. The amount will depend on the amount of work we're doing and the size of the project. If all we're going is brokering bulk discs, the deposit will be less than if we're brokering 50,000 Retail-Ready packages.
Do you take credit cards?
We can take Visa or Mastercard but the prices we quote are for a Cash Discount of 2%. If you want to use your credit card, we can't offer the cash discout.
When is payment due?
Again, this depends somewhat on the project. Generally, we try to invoice you when your items are shipped. Sometimes we have to delay a few days to find out the final shipping charges . . . we can work with you on timing but we usually have to pay our people within 15 days so . . . .

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How do I contact you?
All our contact information is available on the contact page, but you can always call or fax us at 206.430.5456 or Email us at info@nwdiscs.com. (We've had some problems recently with our phone service. If you leave a message at this number, please Email us as well.)
What is the status of my order?
When we send in an order, a desired delivery date is included. As this delivery date gets closed, we will call you to let you know when to expect your boxes. As always, if you have any questions, you can contact us.

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