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NWDiscs is a full-service design and duplication company, specializing in Compact Disc and DVD Replication Packages. We can take your project from concept to completion, or we can help you by getting you some great prices on individual pieces. We have extensive experience working with independent labels and artists and can use our contacts and expertise to save you money. We can hold your hand a lead you through or just handle the manufacturing...whatever you need to make your project successful.

Take a look at our web site and see some of the things we can do for you. If you have any questions, feel free to Email us at info @ nwdiscs.com, (link not active...type it in) or call 206.430.5456.

For a quote, or questions about our services, contact us at:


info at nwdiscs.com (direct link removed because of spam)

Phone and Fax:

206.430.5456 (We've had some problems recently with our phone service. If you leave a message at this number, please Email us as well.)

For general information, why don't you try our FAQ page?

NW Discs can quote individual pieces, or entire packages. Prices are constantly changing. Please contact us for the most current information. Feel free to use our PROJECT FORM for a more accurate idea of what your project will cost!

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